Vigilante James Walter Scoville Unmasked

NOTICE: aka riverboy aka rebelhasacause and his wife live in rural upper New York near the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers area around Waterford and Schaghticoke NY. in Rensselaer County.
* The CDC refers to the word “transgender” as “an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity or expression (masculinefeminine, other) is different from their sex (malefemale) at birth”. Trans woman is commonly interchanged with other terms such as transgender woman and transsexual woman.
The owner of 8 Chipmunk Court in Schaghticoke, NY is
Kenneth Paul Retell Sr. DOB 11/15/1943
Phones are: 518-280-5922 and 518-528-7036
Email is:
Catrina Marie Retell and supposed husband James Walter Scoville

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