Konigun Ninjer Pedophile Hunters

One Shanon Cayce Lancaster of rural Grenada County, Mississippi is the first of the supposed Greysmith Friendly Forcers cyber-trolls to break ranks and go to his local county sheriff to explain he has been “doxxed” here. Lancaster, a Mississippi Mud Dobber has doxxed hundreds himself as his entertanment.
A GREYSMITH associate “pedophilia hunter vigilante” is jailed.

I understand the appeal, but to actualy bring pedophiles to actual justice the police have to be involved. If they really want to help donate to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). They actually track and catalog and do the actual work of helping kids. This dude is a vigilante, (against the law in every state) and he adds no real value and often hinders the pursuit of justice. Virtually nothing he gathers or does is admissible in court. AND, he’s clearly escalating to get more Google Hits and pages views. Only a matter of time before he hurts someone or killed himself.

This supposed (current) Greysmith is actually, a 17 year old martial arts gangbang rape victim of the Bryce Dallas fiasco in the Tennessee hills many years ago. Yikes ! Now matured, the original Greysmith assistant even has the Bryce Dallas’ g.mail address and has now recruited at least 123 Facebook like minded mixed martial arts people and businesses around the world, including China, Japan, Korea, and the U.S.A.