Atheist in the “Belly of the Beast”

Spokane, Washington’s most famous Atheist martial artist aka Lord Us Sapiens is too famous to show his face (actual identity) and uses the “” to stay anonymous. What is he afraid of?
NOT A COINSIDENCE? Metropolitan Spokane, Washington is a bastion of Atheists who publicizes, just like religions, on metro and highway billboards.

Kukkiwon/USA Taekwondo Police Chief Lordus Sapiens “Hiding His Ass”

Believe it or not, the supposed real-deal Taekwondo Police have had to go underground on the internet to continue their cleansing of (alleged) Taekwondo bad guys in business in America. The American Olympic Taekwondo 5th Dan and business owner in metro-Spokane moves his IP server to “Donkey Town” UK and the infamous “”.