Why Doesn’t the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Police Do Anything About These Things:

One wonders why the supposed pillars of the (Western) Taekwondo Policing Community actually do something, or report something, or prosecute somebody for real; rather than blithering on about just Taekwondo fakes or not. Here are the very many Taekwondo/Martial Arts crimes across America never reported by the Western Kukkiwon Dans to the Korea Governing Kukkiwon Governmental Agency in the Fatherland at Seoul.


USA Taekwondo’s “Stop the Hate Campaign” is aimed at those who talk tough from behind a keyboard and think it’s okay to share extreme and almost always false claims online to try and further their own agendas”.
“As a Taekwondo community, if we say enough is enough and don’t tolerate their offensive behavior, we can create the safe and successful environment for athletes that we should all be striving for, giving abusers no safe havens, and driving those who seek to do harm out of our sport once and for all”, stated Mr. McNally.