Stolen Valor Vigilantes Being Hammered

The United States current duty military have been paying a former Blackwater mercenary to harass and dishonor the real deal Vietnam War Veterans (by popular demand) on the internet. The “current duty military pay-subscriptions” of $10.oo a month (Pay-Pal Patriots) to accost whom ever they please for a video tape entertainment package collection. Recently the U.S. current duty military officers and enlisted have been admonished and disciplined from the highest ranks of the Pentagon. Real deal Vietnam War Veterans are HAMMERING the R.E.M.F.s..

“RUN, run, run, run away little punks,” howls the 70 year old twice combat wounded and disabled Vietnam War Veteran of the elite special forces trained U.S. Army Airborne Ranger LRRPs. Laughing at the self appointed stolen valor vigilantes in hiding, he waits as the police will be called again to protect the sissy military Veteran culprits. The Vietnam War is not over for some war casualties 50 years later. — at Ho Chi Minh City.
Americas stolen valor vigilantes who have come here before harassing and dishonoring the combat disabled real deal Vietnam War Veterans for their fun and entertainment (cheese-eaters) never come here again. Interesting; isn’t it.,
“How do you like me now?”, growls the former special forces trained airborne ranger lrrp 1968-72. Today, the very real deal combat wounded Vietnam War Veterans are literally “eating the asses out” of a pack of stolen valor vigilante ratz on the internet.