Is Robert Graysmith a.k.a. Greysmith Investigations in Cognito?

This comic illustration is authentic and drawn by author Robert Graysmith’s son as a gift now, and tells alot when attached to the authentic email address of the Greysmith Investigations and manned by the “Bullshit Martial Arts” cyber cabal currently being sued for defamation in Central, Florida.



This fake email address has been contacted and went all the way thru and was so advised that GRAYSMITH was being used by somebody in the mcdojo cyber trolls bastion. The authentic Mr. Gerald J. Graysmith, illustrator and author, is still unaware of his professional email address being used by U.S.A. Confederates mostly in the Southern States.

In this author’s written book(s) repertoire there includes a couple books entitling the Gorillas.
For more than 17 years, he made use of every single opportunity to exploit the tragic case for his individual benefit. In his books, he claimed to have recognized one of America’s most mysterious serial killers though he did not provide any credible proofs. Well, the true crime author’s books about the unsolved case have been broadly discredited by researchers, critics, witnesses, investigators, and others. However, his fictional accounts have served as the base for several movies, including David Fincher’s motion pictures ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Se7en.’ 

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