Where is the Band of Bastards “Lord Us Sapiens”

Let’s play “Where’s Waldo”

On the world wide web internet there are always an unholy “band of bastards” hiding somewhere (usually behind their computer screens) and chiding, harassing, and dishonoring the combat disabled real-deal Vietnam War Veterans of the elite special forces trained U.S. Army Airborne Ranger LRRPs (long-range reconnaissance patrols ) for their own trolling entertainment and now proves out as for money also.

You know who they are and easily recognize that most all these band of bastards (men & women, couples-too) were sucking their Mama’s tits when the Vietnam war fighters, Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guards were slugging it out in the killing fields of Southeast Asia circa 1965-1975.

During and after the Vietnam War, shot-up, disabled, and P.T.S.D. combat Veterans took off their uniforms and never mentioned their honorable service on resume’s for jobs. When returning to their home towns, most everybody wanted to beat them up, literally. The suicide rates of Vietnam War Veterans soared around the World. It was the 60s and 70s trashing of all your Serving American Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Ask them, they will tell you.

Today, the 70 plus years old internet savvy grey haired Veterans are very much “still-active” and Google Searching out whomever “would take them to task” from behind their doorways and computer screens.

Remember: “Google is NOT a truth machine.”

“Shame upon the Americans who would harass, and dishonor those who stood-up when so many others ran away to Canada.” Band of Bastards is a kind moniker for such devils in the wood-pile.

Leading such a group is a blind man (not a military Veteran) in the Northwest United States who revels in the fake names and rubber monkey mask genre of decades past. “Lord_Us_Sapiens” (not the real name) is part of this diabolical ongoing activity. Now, “Where’s Waldo” is coming home to roost for Atheist_Lord_Us_Sapiens the dumbass.


Fake, imaginary self-proclaimed "King of all the monkeys around here", writes the book that he will not sign off on with his real name robert_james_ott_sr. as Lordus_Sapiens in his rubber monkey mask.

NOTICE: the Atheist “King of all the monkeys around here,” on his self published book has spelled the word credentials incorrectly. Blob, blob, blob, blob, bloop !

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  1. Damn it, “King of the Monkeys Around Here”. Didn’t the rubber masked aka “Lordus Sapiens” the blind martial artist state that for all to know on his stupid blog out in Olympia, Washington? WELL, YES HE DID ! He would only write something like that if he was wearing his favorite “King Monkey Mask”. Time to give all that up Cheetos eater. Your cat is out of the bag now. Get a life fat-ass.
    Lordus Sapiens

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