Greysmith Investigations (unlicensed) Go Down for the Counts

Private Investigator licensing in the State of Georgia is handled by the Georgia State Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies. The State of Georgia created the organization for the purpose of safeguarding the citizens of this State by regulation of the private detective and security businesses. The regulation of such business and activities is declared to be in the public interest.

Private detective businesses and security companies in Georgia are required to have a company license issued by the Board. The private detective employee, armed or unarmed, must be registered as an employee with a private detective company. Armed security guards must also be registered with a security company. An actual Georgia Bureau of Investigation BACKGROUND CHECK with a real name, real address, real licensed company, and a real bona-fide education are standard in the application process. NO imaginary blog investigators are considered, ever.

Applicants must have completed the minimum number of training requirements set by board rule. The Board also licenses training instructors to regulate all training requirements for licensure, registration, and weapon permits required by the law.


If you or your company is supposedly being investigated by an unlicensed person or company i.e. Greysmith Investigations bloggers haling from the Peach State, contact the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies 214 State Capitol Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Lordus Sapiens, the fake MMA profile blogger, is now named as a defendant in a Florida lawsuit. He lives in Washington state (three states) and now blogs that his lawyer (in the northwest) is good with it. But in fact, Lord-head Lordus needs to be finding a lawyer to hire in Florida, not the defendant’s state. Everyone in Florida knows that. You never know who might be POPPING up real-time videos for the big shutdown in Central Florida.

BANG KaZoom Prang” One Martial Arts self-appointed vigilante of the Facebook-infamous BSMA (bull shit martial arts) pages to nowhere, Harold Howard, bites the bullet for a Dale Dugas’ lawyer in Florida. Quotation: “Dr. Dugas is no longer a member of BSMA, mainly because of this case. Gerald Greysmith and I will be contacting him during the proceedings. He can still read your posts and comments, so feel free to offer him support.”

About Dale Dugas BY Dale Dugas
SELF-CONTROL: “The wild mantis Zen, Dr. Dale Dugas, speaks for himself on this site.”
Dale Dugas “smoking-some-shit”, then “drawing-some-shit”.
(813) 285-1895
Obviously, this guy who shows his middle finger to a white man is a fat alleged fighter blogger based in North America (Washington-Oregon-Idaho). He wears a Halloween monkey mask (in public) and uses the inflatable monkey gravatar seen here. NOTICE: Poor paper sign is actually in a girl-woman hearts felt hand.
The real King of all the Monkeys around here is ready to bite the head off the blind monkey. It is the way of the real jungle, NOT a martial art.


  1. Dear Mister Squirell Gravy,
    Actually, defendants of defamation lawsuit cases in Florida Business Law are summoned by a lawyer’s process server (in person) in Olympia, Washington or the local County Sheriff answering to a courtroom in Florida were the supposed civil crime occurred and has nothing to do with where the defendants are living in another State. Defendants who ignore the legal summons of a (legal process-server affidavit) for appearance to said Civil Action in a courtroom anywhere in America will be found guilty in default by the Judge hearing the case in Florida; after which anything of property value in pocession of the adjudicated defendant (where-ever) can have a property liened upon.

    Capias Warrants for Failure to Appear:
    A court can issue a capias warrant for someone who’s been subpoenaed or otherwise ordered to appear at a hearing but who refuses to attend. Police where the person lives can arrest the person and hold him (them) in jail until the matter is resolved – usually when he (they) agrees to testify or show in court. This is all common knowledge.

    Please refrain from swearing at me.

    Have a nice day

  2. Hey Numbnuts. Lordus doesn’t need a lawyer in Florida. Steve bitchfield and Bret noball’s lawyer doesn’t have a license to practice law in Washington and Florida Judges HAVE NO JURISDICTION in Washington. You can’t make him come to court, testify or do anything. You can’t do dick, bitch boy.

    “Lordus Sapiens mouth piece is a Central Ohio Buckeye aka SQUIRREL GRAVY.”

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