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In the bowels of the Texas National Guard at Austin Texas houses a Mixed Martial Arts conglomerate of civilian internet task force volunteers and an Austin, Texas Attorney General Office cadre.

Armed with a handful of sheep like members and paid supporters, the self proclaimed mixed martial arts website sets out to promote its agenda, MMA, or more commonly known as mixed martial arts styles, by bashing other martial arts and attempting to destroy as many competing teachers as possible.

The sites Bullshido.com and Bullshido.net along with Socicide.com are known in the industry as a “Troll Bridge” which refers to the lurkers and monsters (posters) who hide in wait to attack the unsuspecting. “This is the true underbelly of the internet” says Dan Campbell an anti cyber stalking web specialist. Its sites like this that give internet forums a black eye, and cause legislators headaches on how to deal with their form of attacks.”

Doing a google search on many martial arts teachers and schools who do not teach MMA will most likely see at the top of the results a Bullshido link with the terms Fraud and Fake in the caption. Many of Fletchers competitors have fallen victim to his tactics, so many that some are now questioning his claim of free speech, even when the wild claims made on the website are clearly fabricated in house.

So what is behind the success of these bashing hate websites? The answer is two distinct reasons. One, Neal Lee Fletcher a one time martial artist turned promoter and MMA clothing salesman, also owns a one man company out of his garage that is in the business of manipulating Google search results for hire to web masters, as well as being paid directly from Google for advertising on the Bullshido web pages that slander and demean teachers and schools worldwide. The second reason is moderator, administrator and common poster Sam Browning a Connecticut lawyer who offers his services nationwide to see to it that none of the Bullshido victims can possibly get the false and misleading information removed from the Google search results.

Its this relationship between Google and sites such as this that raise eyebrows. When Google is clearly making cash off of bashing they have no reason to police itself even with the appearance of impropriety. The more elaborate or outlandish the claims made by Fletcher’s Bullshido gang, the more web hits and thus the more cash flow the website owners and Google make. So Fletcher has the motive to keep things over the top regardless of the truth, and “businesses” like this hide behind antiquated laws that need to be addressed to protect the public and our teachers.

The bottom line is that Bullshido or Bullshit sells.

Exposing Sexual Predators Who Run Martial Arts Schools January 2018
Muma Case Review 3:001-018
Author: William F Murphy

William Murphy, a college professor and a black belt in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, frowned as he considered a project that he had been working on. Working in conjunction with Georgette P. Oden, a lawyer and the head of investigations at Bullshido.net, he had proposed a systematic investigation that would seek to identify sex offenders within the martial arts instruction community. Now he needed to figure out just how far he was willing to go in that investigation. The context of the project involved many different elements. First, there was the broad mixed martial arts community, which consisted of many different sub-communities that focused on different fighting styles. Each of these communities had their own network of schools that taught the style’s techniques. Also involved was the Bullshido.net community, a controversial website whose original purpose was to investigate fraud, abuse, and “BS” within the martial arts community. While this group could be mobilized to crowd source investigations, its membership tended to be highly opinionated and more than occasionally crude. Any results provided by such a group would therefore require considerable scrutiny. Finally, there was the potential application of cyber forensics. This would involve the systematic acquisition of data from different online sources and the matching of these sources to identify—for example—individuals who were both martial arts instructors and registered on sex-offender databases. Murphy recognized that the project was fraught with challenges. As was often the case when working with different databases, data sources were often incomplete and also needed considerable cleaning before they would be useful. Matching records was also a potential challenge. Names were often written in different ways and common names could easily lead to erroneous matches. Crowdsourcing the potential verification of matches depended heavily on the degree to which participants in the process were willing to be objective and did not have any potential hidden agendas. This type of investigation also had major potential legal implications, as well as privacy concerns. Weighed against these drawbacks were the potential victims that might be spared if instructors with a history of sex offenses could be identified and removed from schools where they had access to unwitting—and often under-aged victims. The project had been initiated by Georgette P. Oden as a result of identifying one such individual. How many more might there be?


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