Thunder_Chicken strikes Lordus_Sapiens

Pil Sung Thunder Chicken

Thunder Chicken trained Taekwondo
The one and only Thunder Chicken is being trained by the one and only blind martial arts Chief Master Lordus Sapiens
Pil sung Thunder Chicken STRIKE
This is how you take down the King of the Monkeys around here, Lordus_Sapiens.
The blind handicapped mixed martial arts Gorilla Cup Tournament is where the really funny hand to hand combat is like two blind Taekwondo(s) hitting a Piñata in the Octagon at the same time. Popcorn is provided.

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A fresh screenplay movie synopsis “Pil sung Thunder Chicken”, is about the very real skydiving clown, hovering over the very real “Blind King of All the Monkeys” aka martial arts in America. Nothing since the Frank Dux movie “Bloodsport” has the real martial artists story of betrayal, back-stabbing, mcdojos, and the money-grubbing losers’ actual movie has ever been told, till now.

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