National Guardsman Neal Lee Fletcher Rushing the Capitol Video

Texas National Guard medical soldier Neal Lee Fletcher scours the civilian martial arts businesses and instructors as a cyber-troll for self-appointed vigilantes.

THIS JUST IN FROM ICELAND: Bullshido’s Neal Lee Fletcher Rushing the Capitol building January 6th, 2021.

Military Times Reports “Troops Were Involved” in Capitol Riot

Actually the crime is called “seditious conspiracy”

Uniform Code of Military Justice vs Bullshido Soldiering

Shame upon Austin, Texas Medical Command U.S. Army National Guardsman Medical Unit Laboratory R.E.M.F. enlisted soldier Neal Lee Fletcher for cyber-trolling civilians and profiting while his Commanders are unaware of his U.C.M.J. regulation violations about coast to coast civilian martial art competitors. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS ?

BULLSHIDO, Neal Lee Fletcher, Twitch TV Video Podcasts and admits to using his Texas National Guard Base computers for cyber-harassing bona fide Mixed Martial Arts businesses as he sees fit. ON THE GOVERNMENT DIME.

Uniform Code of Military Justice  regulations.
Are the Texas National Guard top echelon Commanders supporting, or aware, or complicit in soldier’s, Neal Lee Fletcher, off-post illegal activities? An Inspecting General investigation and F.B.I. outcomes are hopefully inevitable.
Posing as a U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagle” locked and loaded is actually a (non-airborne personnel) N.A.P. laboratory tech and is NOT AUTHORIZED or qualified to take the liberty of belittling the famous WWII “Band of Brothers”.
Does this person LOOK NORMAL TO YOU ? Somebody has been plucking his eyebrows too.