LordUsSapiens and Greysmith Investigations Now in Iceland

LIVE, from the land of fire and ice.
Incognito and sitting in Olympia, Washington is actually a.k.a. LordUsSapiens? Inquiring minds of Florida Lawyers want to know.
Lordus Sapiens is Robert James Ott Sr.
Fake social media profiler Lordus Sapiens is actually a martial arts promoter in the Northwest named Robert James Ott Sr. of Olympia, Washington U.S.A.
Lordus Sapiens miserable book review
“MTTKDGUY” Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sul Won, Farang Mu Sool
Here you see Matthew Benton Survis Youtube featuring Lordus Sapiens UNMASKED as the blind martial artist named Robert James Ott Sr. of Olympia and Seattle, Washington in the U.S.A.
Welcome to ICELAND Lordus Sapiens the blind martial arts blowhard. Actually, is Robert James Ott Sr. of Olympia and Seattle, Washington.
Robert James Ott Sr. playing the role of “King of the Monkeys Around Here” and hiding under a gorilla mask; otherwise he would be immediately recognized as a fat blind man trying to be “scary” to other Martial Artists he doesn’t like or is in competition with his books and seminars circle jerks.
Here, Robert James Ott Sr. (aka Lordus Sapiens) self-describes himself as a 400 pound basement Cheetos connoisseur.

Bullshit Martial Art’s (aka Bullshido.net) NOW as anonymous and unlicensed Greysmith Investigator was rushing the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021. NOT IN UNIFORM, the Texas National Guard Soldier “Neal Lee Fletcher” videos all his actions, right out front.

Feeling insecure or unsafe can have a huge impact on your life and affect your daily functioning. Especially when long distances or borders are involved, worries can render you powerless, because of the difficulties to obtain clarity or evidence. The police are often not able to help, for example in civil cases, due to lack of (suitable) manpower or because of the complicated procedures that apply to such international investigations. Then you would do well to call in a professional who collects evidence for you and to put an end to the uncertainty. Our borderless investigations specializes in matters with an international dimension that have so much impact on your life.
An International “legal-process-server” from Reykjavik, Iceland is about to serve the “Olympia John Doe” named in an upcoming Florida Martial Arts Defamation lawsuit.