Martial Arts 4th Generation “Unlicensed Gerald J. Greysmith”

In recent years, there has been a catastrophic development in the research industry: lack of licenses. Although there are countless reasons why it is NOT RECOMMENDED to work without a permit, there are certain dangers that make it unusually dangerous. Icelanders have compiled 4 dangers of working as a private investigator without local permission, licenses:

1. In many countries it is illegal.
It is important to consult a state licensor to find out what it takes to work as a private investigator in your state, especially Florida U.S.A..

2. Your safety is at risk.
Not only are you at risk of legal consequences when you work without a license, but you are also at risk of your physical safety and well-being. There are inherent risks in any industry, but the process of licensing in the field of private investigations especially helps to reduce the likelihood of you putting yourself in an insecure position.

3. It puts “you behind the 8 ball”.
Without a thorough understanding of everything it takes to be a certified private investigator, you lack the knowledge your peers possess. Even after a leave of absence, lifelong learning is useful for researchers to keep up with the changing field.

4. It hurts your job prospects.
Regardless of whether you plan to work independently or in an agency, the lack of a license will greatly affect your chances of employment. Essentially, you will lose out on potential transactions simply because of your decision to go without permission.

Are you currently working without local permits or corporate licenses?

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  1. Well, This Ain’t Hell in Iceland hooked an entire low-down on most of the Gerald Greysmith Cabal’s workings and shines a light on their “Bull Shit Martial Arts” on Facebook too. Any of these adult cyber trolls who can be hooked onto each other and while making money qualifies them as a Federal R.I.C.O. Act conspiracy and on going criminal enterprise will pay 3 times the normal renumerations and fines ordered by a Court of law.

    SEPT 27 2000 Departure and Arrival – Gerald Greysmith

    As most of our followers already know, the third person to carry the mantle of Gerald Greysmith – Gregory – passed away on September 7th of pancreatic cancer. It had been known for some time that his days on this Earth were coming to an end. Knowing in advance doesn’t take away much of the sting, though.

    Gregory and I first became aware of each other on various martial arts forums after Bryce Dallas tried to sue several members of e-budo for exposing him as a fraud. Gregory became intrigued with the story and contacted several of the defendants in the suit, myself included. I can still recall the night he first called me on the phone. It was after working a night shift and getting back home, I remember starting the conversation in the dark hours of predawn, then watching the sun rise as we spoke for almost 3 hours. That was the day that our working relationship, and eventual friendship, began.

    Since then, we have spoken on the phone for an untold number of hours, exchanged e-mails and messages across social media and becoming, in a very real sense, the best of friends even though we never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face. Our common interests, outside of martial arts and exposing criminals/frauds, included comic books, science fiction, Dungeons & Dragons, cooking, gardening, politics and religion. Quite a wide range of topics.

    After receiving the prognosis that his cancer was terminal, we began discussing the future, for ourselves and for the organization. We both agreed that the efforts of Greysmith Investigations was too important to fade away. The martial arts community has no overall governing body, no expansive watchdog groups to maintain the integrity of martial arts practitioners as a whole. We don’t want any outside agency to even make the suggestion that there should be an overall regulating authority, so we must regulate ourselves. One of Greysmith Investigations’ main concerns is to do just that. We investigate questionable claims that come to our attention, and report what we find. Sometimes the claims turn out to be true, and sometimes false. Either way, the results are made public for people to draw their own conclusions.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the British science fiction television program called “Doctor Who” – first, shame on you, and second, it has been in production, in some form or other since 1963. The main character, the Doctor, is a humanoid alien being who can regenerate when necessary. That is, he can basically reconstruct his body to perpetuate his life and well-being. This has allowed for a number of actors to assume the role, and yet have the original character remain essentially intact. That is the basic idea behind the persona of “Gerald Greysmith”.

    We discussed many of the people we had been associated with over the years as potential candidates for the persona of “G4”. After much discussion over a period of many weeks, we finally decided that the role would be passed on to “Jonathan”, not so much for his experience, but for his passion for martial arts, and his disdain at the bad actors who pollute the community.

    I am also going to be slowly disengaging myself from the forefront of the organization, and passing on the role of lead legal analyst to my protege – Harold K. (HK) Hayward. He is diligently applying himself to learning how to navigate the maze of the legal industry, and will be working toward helping people learn how to combat frauds and other criminals preying on the innocent and the naive in the world of martial arts and, perhaps, beyond.

    And so, without further adieu, I say a fond farewell to Gerald G. Greysmith, and give a warm welcome to Gerald J. Greysmith.

    The following is an introduction written by G4 himself, the original of which can be seen here:

    To all our readers I wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce you to me, the new Gerald as this is probably confusing at best.

    Gerald Gregory Greysmith….where would I start with who he was? He was the third person to head this little organization of people and under his watch it grew to larger proportions than I believe anyone ever dared dream it could ever have been…with friends and associates all over the nation.

    I wanted to say to you all that Gerald is truly an idea. Yes, he is real. But as Gregory would say often, “when you do something kind or selfless I believe that is what Gerald stands for…he can be the one to stand in the gap.”

    It is with a heavy heart I step into the biggest pair of shoes I could think of. I want to be different and have a vision of my own yet also remain true to the standards set before my own involvement which began four years ago.

    I am always available, however. No matter what you can find me if you seek me. If you need help simply ask. And if you truly need us, that is to say the entire Greysmith family, we will never hesitate to help.

    Let’s look forward to the future of what is ahead of us now. Together, let us all remain who we are in these truly trying times.

    Gerald Johnathan Greysmith

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