Unmasking “Lordus Sapiens”



A.K.A. Lordus Sapiens writes that (he) is the “King Monkey of the Jungle around here”  NO SHIT.

Does this man under the monkey mask look obese? Look at them fat knuckles and fat elbow !

MTA “Monkey Taekwondo Association” Clubs

Big Sky Martial Arts –   Grand Master Noyes  – (406) 755-8555 – 301 Main St., Kalispell, MT 59901  Website

Big Sky Taekwondo – Grand Master Miranti – (406) 761-4955 – 920 13th Avenue South, Great Falls, MT 59405 – Website

Bighorn Martial Arts Academy – Master Hunt – (307) 254-2337 – Powell Recreation, Powell, WY 82435 – Website

Dynasty TKD – Mr. McCoy (208) 610-0632 – 610B N. 5th Street, Sandpoint, ID (no mail at this address) – Website

Lone Wolf Martial Arts – Master Chris Ivanoff  (307) 899-1406, School location – 178 West North Street, Powell, Wyoming / Mail to – 627 Lane 8, Powell, WY 82435

Martial Arts Academy of Billings – Dave Allen – 406-591-9000- 528 Lake Elmo Dr, Billings, MT 59105 – Website

Montana Taekwondo Academy – Master Parker – (406) 544-5443 – 320 Lawrence St, Missoula, MT 59801 Faecbook Page

Rocky Mountain Martial Arts – Master Jim Miller – (406) 494-2754 – 3233 Kennedy Ave. Butte, MT 59701 – Website

The first belt that is handed out to those getting started with their training is the WHITE BELT. Devoid of color, it is simply a symbol of A BEGINNER. White belts are used in several forms of martial arts, though not all. Those starting in karate, taekwondo, or judo will be tying this strip about their middles.

Fake pen name? Or just a gutless chump.

NOW this is funny as hell, right here. Looks like the King of Monkeys’ shit is all coming down. Blob, blob, blob, blob. 🙂


Here’s what you see previewing on Amazon. Ha, ha, ha, ha.. Going to the Amazon Dogs as of late.

Now Lordus Sapiens (a fake name used to protect the ignorant) is promoting his King of the Martial Arts Monkeys rhetoric as landing on YouTube. Yah, right! Somebody explain to this charlatan that no-names attached to bullshit is deemed no-named bullshit and is worthless.

A new series “Ask Lordus” with no name, for information; while Lordus (not his or her real name) actually writes like a “defiled divorcee”. Wha, wha, wha, wha. 🙁

Has fake namer “Lordus Sapiens” been just burning money? Wasting your time, taking your bullshit down. Taking some licks on your chin?


  1. Hey, Fucktard …it takes a special type of stupid to come up with the conclusions you are making. NO ONE knows what you are trying to figure out. I know it’s driving you nuts, but you’re just going to have to live with the frustration of never knowing. If you make false claims about people, they are going to come after you. You ARE making false claims, so those people are calling you out…it’s as simple as that. At your age, I would think you would have better things to do with the limited time you have left.

  2. Well, LOOKY who is trolling in “off-shore” Iceland today. Welcome aboard fake no name Lordus Sapiens. I have been waiting for you. You seem so aggravated, when all I am doing is to figure out who is wearing your mask and why. I have gained a wealth of information from your book about martial arts and your historical background. Old Dugas flipped out, huh..! Excuse me while I am laughing my ass off. Do you feel like you are being “led-around”. YOU ARE. So if I parachute into the Sandpoint Airport, will you be there, too. Got that picture, yet. Then, I bet if I walk around Ponderay, Sandpoint, and Sagle, Idaho I could easily find out all about you Mr. Invisible Taekwondo. Wanna bet..? See how shit really works.

  3. Now, now, now, Lordus Sapiens the fake no name…. please don’t be calling people here names just for your butt-hurt feelings. You have already been outed by your friends at the sub-shop across the street and so I have found out where you live (exactly) near Sable, Idaho and I will have no problem parachuting into the fields around your abode. Give me a date when you will be home… bring your fat tae kwon do ass so I can rub snow in your face on video. Get back to me.

  4. Sure…you got me…I surrender…oh no…what do I do now? Lord save me. How could I have been such a fool. Purple parachutes, falling from the sky…Now the world will surely know the truth…that I live in a camper in an RV park in Idaho just off the lake. What are my friends in the RV park going to say!? All day I play that damned Star Fighter game, waiting for Centauri to take me to join Star Command (I have the highest score), but he never comes… does any of this actually work on anyone? You are a special kind of “special,” You act like attacking my anonymity makes me embarrassed somehow when it’s by design. Really…there are better ways to get to me, if only you could figure out..well, ANYTHING. Keep posting images of the wrong people and their children and grand children…one of these days you’ll get what’s coming to you…

  5. Hey, 3rd Dan, dumb ass, do you just lie about anything…? Ha, ha, ha, ha. AND so do you have any actual proof of anybody bragging about being able to dismember a child in record time..? You are a deviant that sounds like some made up “Bullshido” don’t you think..? Your bullshit no-name reputation is preceding you on the world wide web these days and your king of monkey book is a miserable failure while not selling shit and all your videos are down…. DONE…

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