a.k.a. Lordus Sapiens Unmasked

A.K.A. Lordus Sapiens writes that (he) is the “King Monkey of the Jungle”  NO SHIT.

Fake pen name? Or just a gutless chump.

NOW this is funny as hell, right here. Looks like the King of Monkeys’ shit is all coming down. Blob, blob, blob, blob. 🙂

Here’s what you see previewing on Amazon. Ha, ha, ha, ha.. Going to the Amazon Dogs as of late.

Now Lordus Sapiens (a fake name used to protect the ignorant) is promoting his King of the Martial Arts Monkeys rhetoric as landing on YouTube. Yah, right! Somebody explain to this charlatan that no-names attached to bullshit is deemed no-named bullshit and is worthless.

A new series “Ask Lordus” with no name, for information; while Lordus (not his or her real name) actually writes like a “defiled divorcee”. Wha, wha, wha, wha. 🙁

Has fake namer “Lordus Sapiens” been just burning money? Wasting your time, taking your bullshit down. Taking some licks on your chin? More to come dumb asses. Do you like surprises? I do. Think about that.


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