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  1. Jorge Quintana is a former Marine Corp Jar-Head and a well known cyber vigilante for several stolen valor vulture websites while being literally “butt-buddies” with a couple other ragged-out rear echelon mother fuckers, non-combat jack-shit big mouths who harass and dishonor the real deal combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for their jollies. In unison with E-3 Scott Allen Hughes https://www.facebook.com/scottie.hughes.16 (a West Virginia lumber jack) and the crippled E-3 (Killer-Bee) Bruce Clara-belle Tibbetts https://www.facebook.com/bctusmc of Maine are all pathetic examples of Marines that have went before them. Sissy Quintana thinks he is somebody but is actually a nobody, surrounded by imbeciles. May the bird of paradise fly up their asses.

    (not really dead)
    Jonn Lilyea
    Fort Ashby, West Virginia

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