Self Proclaimed King of the Monkeys writes “HOW TO FAKE” Martial Arts

A Sandpoint, Idaho man who claims to be a renowned Master of the Martial Arts has written a book, without his signature yet and self-published about “How to Fake” martial arts bonafide.

The back-woods anonymous charlotin suggests to buy or collect phony certificates of martial arts authenticity training with assorted DoJo training facilities and authentic (actually counterfeit) signatures of supposed Master artists instructors. He also instructs confederate martial artist wannabes to buy trophies at flea markets, garage sales, and junk stores with championship competition matches touting as being winners of different sorts.

Only $250.oo for Lordus Sapiens “Aikido Black Belt Certificate”

Only $250.oo for the Lordus Sapiens Martial Arts College Degree


  1. You guys are great , The fakes calling the real people fakes . makes sense . birds of a feather

  2. Hello Linda Floers,
    Don’t be all jacked-out about the very large circle of fake martial artists making money “Faking Each Other Out” with fake belts, fake trophies, and paper fake training certificates. I bought the fake named “Lordus Sapiens” book fake published at a fake “Raped Ape Publishing” Company out in the woods of Idaho. There in, a fake martial artist explains how to fake out the other fake martial artists and make some money passing this stupid shit around from flea markets to the great dojos throughout the globe. Now so many already fake martial artists are selling their fake shit to me, and I double the prices and sell the junk to the new up and coming fake martial artists. 100% profits is the standard of a successful business, don’t you know?

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