Lordus Sapiens’ 1st Book Review

Anonymous Lordus Sapiens’ NEW book release published in rural Sandpoint- Sable, Idaho “Raped Ape Press”.

NOTICE ON AMAZON: the anonymous writer’s self promotion states, “Renowned martial arts master LORDUS SAPIENS guides you along the path to creating a credible martial arts history and personae.” 

NOTICE: there is no such entity as Raped Ape Press.

NOTICE: the amature pencil drawing with no head and a fake name. Here is who he really is.

Lordus Sapiens Autobiography

NOTICE: aka Lordus Sapiens begins writing his bio in the third person.

Lordus Sapiens’ Self Description


Tae Kwon Do is a traditional Korean martial art meaning “the way of kicking and punching.” Training in Tae Kwon Do emphasizes maximum power, speed, accuracy and balance in the execution of specific offensive and defensive movements using empty hands and bare feet. Tae kwon do is also a philosophy which promotes a strong self-discipline and a well defined moral outlook. Usually instructors are advanced students of Tae Kwon Do with senior ranking who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and skills. Most instructors are volunteers who gain reward through passing on their knowledge to others. Their primary goal is to provide safe, quality martial arts training.


Fangoria is a quarterly magazine covering the horror film genre since 1979. Fangoria will relaunch in October 2018 as a quarterly collectible with in-depth interview with filmmakers, as well as retrospectives and columns by those in the horror film business.

Trained in the fake martial arts phenom at Sandpoint-Sable, Idaho by the no-name Dojo of the Northwest territory, Lordus “the sissy” Sapiens.

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