No Business License & Fake DoJo Name

Martial Arts Honor (Don Roley’s Nightmare)

Freedom To Excel LLC is business registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. The business entity ID is 20101027014. The address is 15465 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921. The zip code is 80921.
The business entity type is Limited Liability Company. Freedom To Excel LLC · 15465 Holbein Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 Entity ID  20101027014 Entity Name  Freedom to Excel LLC   Entity Status  Good Standing Entity Form Date  01/14/2010
Entity Type  Limited Liability Company (DLLC)   Principal Address  15465 Holbein Drive Colorado Springs   CO 80921
Mailing Address  15465 Holbein Drive Colorado Springs   CO 80921  Agent Name  Donald James Roley  Agent Address  15465 Holbein Drive Colorado Springs   CO 80921

We all have the one friend that makes checking social media a risk sometimes.
— Donald Roley (@Don_Roley) October 12, 2017

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  1. FROM: jonn lilyea
    To: Donald Roley
    Jan 11 at 10:36 AM
    Hey Donald “DoJo” James Roley,
    I recently see your name all over the internet showing stolen valor vigilante “Valkyrie” real names, several aka, and her “Pet-Spa” work address in South Carolina. You had better check with her about your flagrant identity doxxing her. She hates that because she thinks she is a “secret squirrel”. No shit.
    Then now it turns out that you are actually doing business without any official bonafide in Colorado, not paying corporation taxes, or licensing fees in Colorado Springs at large.
    NOTICED THAT: Nobody can blog on your blog except you. No comments allowed. Very telling right there. Go to ICELAND where blogging and commenting about you is ongoing. Feel free to participate. We are writing a book, too.
    Jonn Lilyea

    FROM: Don Roley To: jonn lilyea Jan 11 at 10:50 AM
    Oh fuck you. Your threats are pretty silly since I have someone with a law degree telling me I am committing no foul. And i am not stupid enough to click on any links you send me. But since I know you run the site, if it turns out that you are spreading any lies, I know what me legal options are. Go drown yourself in a bottle of vodka.

    FROM: jonn lilyea
    To: Don Roley Jan 11 at 11:08 AM
    You did not answer any of the bonafide questions? What’s up with that big-mouth… Let’s see some real facts about your business that is not listed anywhere, except where you put it. Are you trying to be the invisible man dojo ninja..? Sorry, the State of Colorado and the Federal Government need their fair share of your bling-bling.

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