Research/Data About Organized Gang Stalking

Research and Data About Organized Gang Stalking, aka Police-Counter-Intelligence Stalking, aka Community Policing and Police Stalking

Begin tracing your stalkers HERE!

What is organized gang stalking? Most educated accounts indict the NSA’s FVEY massive wire tapping scheme that trickles Americans and others illegally captured communications across borders and jurisdictions, working with so called community policing, and hidden policing tactics, like Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit’s (LEIU’s), and organizations like Stratfor, or any number of other DHS private contractors and co-conspirators who pass our illegally obtained information to local police, who pass that information to cowards and subversives of Constitutional due process. This “community policing” is an endless make-work project that drains tax dollars, targets lawyers, journalists, dissenters, activists, and each community is different-so your personal stalking might include: Mormons and LDS Church; Baptist, Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, and Jewish cults or other sects working from churches and Soros/Koch brothers funded NGOs; or, academics; pseudo-feminists and their associated multi-cultists, SJW’s, cyberbullies, and multi-culturalists who get federal dollars from hoaxes, lies and the manipulation of DV stats; Christians and others who want to enforce conformity or cause superstitious fears; and especially political parties fueled by progressive or neo-con cult mentality.

Arm yourself with a camera, and blog it live.

Start YOUR legal research here, because these are primarily civil conspiracies against your rights-so document EVERYTHING, and especially take names. Avoid all talk of DEW’s, face orbs, flat earth and UFO’s, the devil, and the other disinformation about electronics-and stick to talk about wiretaps, Fusion Center domestic and political spying, and hidden database abuses with the FBI as the political spying nexus that has stolen or redirected our data, and enabled most targeted, personalized, and local illegal ‘electronic’ surveillance.

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