Pentagon Officers Complicite in Stolen Valor Vigilantism

READ:  These (pictured) are only some of America’s stolen valor vigilante gang stalkers. Some of these people are on government payrolls and others are current duty U.S. military (not pictured for OPSEC reasons).  Some are the leadership in National non-profit Veterans’ organization leadership reminiscent to the “American Legion Contact Squads” of the J. Edgar Hoover era (circa 1930-1966). If you are being cyber targeted, harassed, or dishonored by these stolen valor vigilante gang stalkers on government computers, inquire here.  Most of them have been unmasked from offshore Iceland.   Iceland

READ:  Here is the link where the Department of Defense and Pentagon Generals meet with America’s Stolen Valor Vigilantes referring to calling them “Families” when actually they are well known “internet vigilante gang stalkers” and violating the U.S. military OPSEC protocol.

ARMY REGULATION 530-1  Operations Security  OPSEC Program

Posted by Captain James Văn Thạch on Sunnudagur, 31. janúar 2016

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