No Published Obituary for Stolen Valor Vigilante Jonn Lilyea’s Legacy

The internet’s infamous stolen valor vigilante Jonn V. Lilyea of Fort Ashby, West Virginia died last week of a massive heart attack yet no obituary has been published anywhere except his blogging band of bastards at “”.  All public local media outlets 1,000 miles around Lilyea are silent. Not a peep, and as it should be.  The Lilyea family members have told the bloggers… “private funeral” without them.  How funny is that.  Reality now sets on the real legacy of the A.L.S. shrinking brain loonytoon blogger.  In his days alive Lilyea was a media whore… Now when he kicks the bucket, silence is everywhere.  Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp and as it should be. ” Bye, bye, Johnny”, as they say in the Jack Nicholson horror movie.

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  1. Silent?! Wow really. I guess the game “follow the leader” is not fun anymore? Haha.

    Donald Shipley former. now too fat (SEAL) with his wife/business partner Diane Shipley on July 14, 2017 Case: State of Maryland (Caesar) vs Cryer, Dorchestor County District Court of Maryland (Cambridge Maryland).

    CLEARLY stated testimony that ALL OF THIS (Trouble) was Jonn Lilyea’s fault. Read the Transcript. There is the gang stalking connection between Donald Shipley former (SEAL) and Jonn V. Lilyea (TAH).

    Everyone knows their is pending litigations against Mr. Jonn-John Lilyea dba (TAH) for damages. My recommendation would be for future claims to just add to the Shipley’s. Very winnable (arguable) in the Court of LAW.

    Donald W. Shipley (SEAL) and Carol Diane Shipley
    5701 Bar Neck Road
    Cambridge, MD. 21613

    I do not recollect exactly because it has been over a year, but I do believe Mark Seavey (National American Legion Headquarters) was also mentioned as one of the affiliated stolen valor vigilante culprits that have ruined Donald and Diane’s Shipley’s life.

    Like Jesus (Yahushua) would say, “It is not what goes in the mouth that makes You dirty, it is what comes out of Your mouth that makes You dirty”. These Individuals are beyond dirty. Filthy is a better word.

    Truth Always Prevails.
    Yahuseph the Hebrew

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