Justice for Vaughn Herman Roley

The Greysmith investigator cyber sleuth(s) have uncovered a sinister plot from within its’ own ranks.
– – – A NEWS FLASH – – – from Ninja Don Roley’s own Taekwondo Dan friend in a Monkey Mask
aka Lordus Sapiens
Interesting, the infamous bullshit martial arts blogger Donald James Roley has never mentioned his Father, Vaughn, anything, ever. Why? Donald’s Father was and is much more important to the State of California than anything his self-described Ninja Son ever could be.
Because the self proclaimed Japanese martial arts ninja, Donald James Roley, is found alone in his Father’s California residence with 2 bullet holes in his 85 year old Father. Expectedly Don, a firearms instructor and supposed ninja says, “It was a suicide.” The real questions being asked today 2022 is: “Who’s gun was used in the alleged suicide.?” And “any pre-suicide events, such as any written cases of elder abuse to the former Parole Superintendent Vaughn Herman Roley?”
The Honorable Vaughn Herman Roley Family Portrait. The two younger Sisters know exactly what really happened. Older Brother Donald J. Roley was never mentioned in the local newspapers as a part of the Vaughn Roley Estate public notifications. Very interesting.
“YIKES. OMG. Somebody call the cops !”